Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage!

I'm a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC), High School Teacher and a former Competitive Gymnast. 

My passion for helping extends into all areas of life and my belief is that counselling provides a different way for us to identify our needs, areas for change and strategies for greater life satisfaction.

It's a big step to reach out to someone and say "I need help. I can't do this on my own." I feel very privileged to work with individuals once they reach this point.




I am a hard working, passionate individual that enjoys on-going learning and helping others. I was a national level gymnast for many years and now currently coach with the Canadian National Team. I completed my Masters degree early in 2018 and have left my role as a high school teacher to pursue my passion for counselling. My diverse work and sport experience has allowed me to develop a strong reflective capacity and this has greatly assisted with my decision making strategies and personal success. Processing my own transition from athlete to a coach helped me understand the importance community, exercise and goals have when people are working to create change. In part because of coaching, I'm continuously looking for new and different ways to understand how we interact with others, the guiding principles behind our actions, and how we can be at peace with what is not within our control. When not working or coaching, I find myself getting lost in my garden, enjoying a walk along the water or planning out my next surf trip.


When it comes to counselling, I have a special interest in helping youth and young adults find their way in this big and beautiful world. I enjoy helping individuals that are working through what I like to think of as a life transition(s) such as graduation, career change, relationship challenges or even retirement. I see great power in identifying areas of strength, as well as areas for growth, and then using this to this understanding to find greater peace and happiness. I believe that once a person is able to identify their values and how they would like to be in the world, growth happens fairly organically and in the directions we desire.

  • Simon Fraser University, 2007, BSc

  • Simon Fraser University, 2010, BEd

  • University of British Columbia, 2018, MEd

  • Canadian Certified Counsellor,
     Membership # 10003934

  • Individual Counselling for Teens and Adults 

  • Relationship Issues

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Career Transitions

  • Values work

I have been working as a High School Counsellor for approximately two years, and with students for almost ten. In my counselling practicum I worked with clients from 16 - 70 years of age and really enjoyed working with people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. The private practice part of my counselling career is fairly new and I look forward to slowing growing my practice as I maintain my position as in the public service sector. My wish is for the people I work with to one day leave counselling with a stronger sense of self.


I believe the feel of a counselling space can truly have a great impact of the comfort for the client and the success of the sessions. I have chosen to provide counselling services out of the comfort of my home with the intention of creating a cozy and safe place to create change. I'm also open to "walk and talk" type sessions if a client should feel more comfortable in less traditional format.






New Westminster, BC